Hair extensions and natural hair clips & wigs

Wigs have been worn since the old age for a question of fashion, simply in disguise, for the need of certain professions or to mask the baldness. They were already worn in ancient Egypt and Rome, but after the fall of the Roman empire the wigs completely disappeared in Western Europe. Then they became fashionable in the 16th century to “improve one’s appearance” or as social status at the court in almost every western country. The clip ins century was undoubtedly the golden age of wigs, obligatory to pass for a gentleman, white wigs, imposing, with real human hair. After a real decline, wigs will come back strong in women’s fashion in the 1960s thanks to the development of cheap coarse hair fibers. They are also found for disguises or for theatrical costumes.

Natural Hair Wigs – Michelle Pfeiffer one of the best known Celebrities has also contributed to the success of wigs: the Cher singer, for example. During her career of more than forty years, she used many different wigs: blond, brown, curly or smooth. In the cinema, of course, but also in the show business, wigs in natural hair, often invisible, have their place of predilection. I really enjoyed My Natural Hair Extensions Clip Ins on this page..

Today, wigs are worn daily or occasionally by women who have coarse yaki clip ins, partial or total. These hair falls are usually caused by alopecia areata, stress, disease or chemotherapy treatments, which can be traumatic for a woman.

Angelina Jolie’s blond  wigs also called, capillary prostheses, are today very natural, adapted to your hair, your hairdressermorphology, so this is the solution and for this, we must see, very quickly, before the a hairdresser who will guide you or, rather, a hair specialist who will advise you. When you see the cut, volume, color of your hair and how to style it, the specialist can offer you an identical hairstyle for your wig, which will help you feel better in your skin and socially. Remove prejudice related to the wig. A dialogue that will focus on your upcoming hair (wig) will make respectful your personality and keep your style, so we try to determine the shape of the cap depending on the shape of the skull, the head circumference. And the specialist will be able to accompany you, without mistake, in the choice of your natural hair wigs.